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There are many types of Waterless Cookware. In this website we will explain to you the differences and what to look for. What is worse than paying too much for cookware is paying too little. Quality always pays.


For more details on the difference of our three lines of cookware click HERE


PL Cookware is by far the highest quality cookware in the lower price range.

If you are looking for that more affordable set but still want top quality then click HERE to see the PL line of products.


                                  Life cookware







Multi-purpose skillet is great for roasting, sautéing, pan broiling and baking.


  • Liquid oil core spreads heat evenly over the entire pan cooking surface and up the sides.
  • Retains heat to keep foods warm and looks great on the table.
  • Completely immersible and dishwasher-safe when the heat control is removed.
  • Full 50 year warranty (5 years on the power cord)


Click HERE for more details




NE Oil Core Skillet



The oil core liquid is sealed between layers of a superior quality, carbon core, stainless steel to provide the ultimate in heat conduction.



  • Lifetime Warranty
  • GE Burner on bottom
  • Removable heat control
  • Easy cleaning
  • Energy efficient
  • Dishwasher safe


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Also available are four sizes of Rapid Cookers.



Available in a 3 quart, 5 quart, 7 quart and 9 quart.


Highest quality with the lowest price.


3 Quart
$ 594.00
$ 119.00
5 Quart
$ 665.00
$ 133. 00
7 Quart
$ 726.00
$ 145.00
9 Quart
$ 156.00



Healthy Gourmet cookbook for Vacumatic

Healthy Gourmet cookbook for


(Free with every set of Vacumatic cookware, but can be purchased separately)


115 page cookbook specially written by a team of Nutritionists for our cookware.


22 pages in Spanish. 


  Sale price $19.00






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Roasters/Dutch Ovens


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Accessory Pieces



Specialty Items


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Features of Vacumatic:


Fast and even heating

Full body construction

T316 Surgical Stainless Steel


Induction range ready

Dishwasher safe



Vapor seal covers

Self storing lids

50 Year Warranty

Warp resistant

Range hugging bottoms



Cooks meat without grease or oil

Cooks vegetables with 2 oz. of water and 5 minutes of heat.


Ideal for Induction cooking

Easy to clean

Non-porous cooking surface

Energy efficient

Use on all types of stovetops (including induction ranges)


100% USA made. Right downto the screws

origional 23 pc. set of
                                          waterless cookware

Vacumatic cookware is manufacture by New Era / Vollrath




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